What is ZenMate Sense for mobile, and what does it do?

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ZenMate Sense is a mobile security app which works both pro- and reactively to protect your entire device.

ZenMate Sense scans your device for malicious apps and malware with a 100% proven detection rate. On top of this, the Privacy Advisor warns you of future data leaks by checking apps and their permissions access.

In case the worst happens and your device gets stolen, ZenMate Sense's clever Anti-Theft functions make it possible for you to lock, track, and wipe remotely all data on your phone, even after the SIM card has been changed. 

It also offers you the possibility to lock apps with sensitive data with an additional PIN-code.  

Try ZenMate Sense for free! Follow this link for more info: Can I try ZenMate Sense for free?

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