Can I use the same account on several devices/platforms at the same time?

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One account to rule them all!

You can use the same ZenMate account for up to 5 of your own personal devices/platforms at the same time. Upgrading your account to Premium will also give you access to the full ZenMate VPN service on all platforms; Browser, Desktop and Mobile, regardless of where and when you bought it.

You can easily manage your connected devices via the 'Devices' section of your ZenMate dashboard at zenmate.com/dashboard. Click on the X next to the device to disconnect it from your account.

Please note that ZenMate is intended for Private use. For more information please read our full Terms of ServiceIf you need ZenMate for more than 5 devices, a business account might be something for you! Check out ZenMate for Business for more information.

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