Is ZenMate affected by the Google Mail issue reported in July 2018

At ZenMate, we are currently closely observing the development around the Gmail case in light of the report published by the Wall Street Journal in July 2018. As of now, we did not find any existing proof or evidence that the emails we have received or sent via the ZenDesk platform connected with a corporate business Google account got in any way compromised, leaked or shared with an uncertified third party.

We share thoughts expressed by our colleagues at Express VPN. In our opinion, the article by Kevin Marlowe is not necessarily a simple reiteration of the initial report by the Wall Street Journal. It’s a mixture of facts and suggestions without any proof, which may, in turn, result in reduced trust in the VPN industry.

While playing a role of a watchdog is both welcome and necessary, being a real watchdog is a challenge.

The wording “may leak” is a very ambiguous one, protecting the author in the shadow of not being responsible for his words. It may be interpreted as “leak” by many, but - apparently - it’s not what the author truly means. These suggestions, allegations, and inductions may have by default increased stickiness, but nobody can prove anything at the current moment, as no evidence exists. There is no reason to believe that something is wrong.

At ZenMate, we believe in the freedom of speech and therefore, treat this article as just one of the elements of this freedom.

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