I can't complete my ZenMate subscription purchase. What should I do?

If you are trying to buy a ZenMate subscription but you can't complete the purchase, please follow the troubleshooting guide below. 

  1. Make sure you don't have a ZenMate subscription already. You can check this on the 'Transactions' section of your user dashboard at zenmate.com.

  2. Make sure you have enough balance on your bank/PayPal account.

  3. Make sure that your bank/PayPal account is not deactivated or blocked.

  4. Make sure your billing information is up to date with your payment provider (if you are using e.g. PayPal).

  5. If the problem persists, contact support. Please email us directly using the email address associated with your ZenMate account and include the following information for faster and more price support: 
    • Which payment methods you tried
    • Which payment plan you chose
    • Which country you are located in 
    • Screenshots of any error message you received
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