What is the the 'Trusted number', and how do I set it up?

The 'Trusted number' could be the number of another of your own devices or the number of someone you trust, e.g. a close friend or a family member. 

In case you phone would get stolen and the thief changes the SIM card (which usually is the case), ZenMate Sense will detect the SIM change and send a text message to your trusted number with the phone number of the new SIM. 

This allowes you to send text comands to your phone, even though the SIM has been changed. 

You can set/update the Trusted number in the ZenMate Sense settings:

  1. Open ZenMate Sense
  2. Open the menu and go to settings
  3. Click on 'Trusted number', which you find under 'Anti-Theft'
  4. Enter your PIN
  5. Set/update the Trusted number
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