How can I update the card details/subscription plan for my ZenMate subscription?

To update your card details...

...log in with your ZenMate credentials on zenmate.com and go to Payment Details. Click on 'Change payment method', and in the next section, you can update your card details.

Please be aware that the following options are not supported and you will need to cancel and purchase a new  Premium or Ultimate subscription in such a case:

- It is not possible to switch to a credit card with 3D Secure Authentication

- It is currently not possible to change your general payment method, e.g. from credit card to PayPal


To update your subscription plan...

... log in with your ZenMate credentials on zenmate.com and go to Payment Details  Here you will see your subscription plan displayed to the right. Click on 'Change' under your current plan and follow the steps to change subscription plan. 

It is not yet possible to change payment method, e.g. from credit card to PayPal, but we are working to add this option in the future. 


To upgrade from Premium Yearly to Ultimate....

... if you already have a Premium subscription, you can upgrade to Ultimate without starting a new subscription. To do so, log into the Dashboard and go to Payment Details

There you will see an option to upgrade to Ultimate and get any remaining months from your current Premium subscription deducted from your Ultimate Price. If you see the calculated price and want to upgrade, click on *Proceed*. Your new Ultimate year will start right away.



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