I can't load pages/access Internet while using ZenMate. What should I do?

There can be many different reasons to why you can't access the internet while connected to the VPN. Follow our step by step troubleshooting guide to rule out common issues: 

  1. Log out and then log back in again. 

    This might sound simple, but logging in and out again will reauthenticate your account status and make sure that you connect to active servers. 

  2. Make sure you don't have general connection issues.

    You have to be connected to the internet to activate/sign in to the ZenMate Extension. If your connection is unstable, please try again later.

  3. Update ZenMate and the Browser.

    Older versions may cause compatibility issues. Find the latest version of ZenMate for your platform under Downloads. 

  4. Reinstall your ZenMate 

    Remove ZenMate from your browser in the extension/add-on section of your browser settings. Simply click on the little trash can symbol next to the ZenMate extension. Now you download the plugin again directly from the ZenMate Homepage.

  5. Check your DNS settings

    In some regions, your default DNS servers might have problems with resolving some addresses. In this case, changing the DNS server to and should resolve the issue (but you can also try any public available DNS servers). 

    For Mac:

    1. Go to the Apple menu and select System Preferences
    2. Choose the Network control panel and select your network interface from the left side (“Wi-Fi” or “Ethernet” for example),
    3. Click the Advanced button in the lower right corner of the Network window and choose the DNS tab at the top of the screen.
    4. Double-click on the DNS IP address you wish to change and change it to the DNS server and
    5. If you see any other DNS IP, select them and then click either the [-] minus button or hit the delete key. You should only see the ones you added.
    6. When finished making changes to the DNS settings, click on the OK button, then click on Apply for the DNS changes to take effect and done.

    For Windows:

    1. Make sure that you are logged in as Administrator on your Windows profile.
    2. Go to the Menu, search for Control Panel and open it.
    3. Access Network and Internet > Network and Sharing Center.
    4. On the new window that is now open, find and click on Change adapter settings link (it can also appear as Manage network connections).
    5. Locate the network connection that you want to change the DNS servers for and open it.
    6. On the connection’s Status window that’s now open, click on Properties
    7. On the connection’s Properties window that appeared, find and click on Internet Protocol Version 4 (TCP/IPv4) or Internet Protocol (TCP/IP) and access Properties.
    8. Choose Use the following DNS server addresses located at the bottom of the Internet Protocol Properties window. In the spaces provided, enter and
    9. Click OK.

  6.  Turn off web filter, antivirus/firewall and other proxy/VPNs

    ZenMate does not work properly behind some web filters or other Proxies/VPNs. If you are using ZenMate at your workplace or school, it might be that they have a general filter. Try again while connected to another unrestricted network to test if this is the cause of your troubles.

    It also sometimes happens that Antiviruses and web filters conflict with ZenMate. Try turning your Antivirus/Firewall off. 

    If the problem is due to a conflicting security software, please contact ZenMate Support for more info and possible workarounds.

  7. Add a new browser profile/user and install ZenMate

    When you had the same browser profile for a long while and yo have used many different extensions, it might be that the browser profile has become corrupted. The easy way to test this is to simply create a new fresh one and see if the issue still occurs there. 

    For Firefox

    You can find a description of how to add a new user profile to Firefox here: https://support.mozilla.org/en-US/kb/profile-manager-create-and-remove-firefox-profiles

    For Chrome

    You add a new Chrome user profile to your browser in your browser settings: chrome://settings/

    Click on "Add new User". After this, a window for a new Chrome user opens. 

  8. Contact ZenMate Support

    If none of the solutions above helped or if you had trouble following any of the steps, please contact our support team. For quicker and more precise support, please include the following information:
    • Which steps you tried so far
    • Which country you are connecting from
    • Which Antivirus and ISP you are using 
    • Which browser you are using 
    • A screenshot of your error screen


Also see: Chrome error: 'ERR_SPDY_PROTOCOL_ERROR'

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