I see the ZenMate icon in the bottom of my browser. What does it do?

The ZenMate shield, in the bottom-corner of your browser window, is the information widget which indicates that you are fully protected and using the Free version of ZenMate. 

We have a very high volume of traffic on our free servers which mean we will not always be able to guarantee optimal speeds to our free users. Therefore, we added this indicator to raise awareness of our paid ZenMate subscription option, which resolves these issues by offering an exclusive network of high-speed servers to ensure that your speed is not affected by other users' traffic.

You can try out our new Premium service for free! Verify your account and get 7 days of free Premium! Please note that the Premium trial will start from when you click the link in the verification email to verify your account. After the trial week, your ZenMate automatically switches back to the free version.

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