The ZenMate VPN for Mac OS X doesn't connect/work. What should I do?

  1. Make sure that you are using the latest version of ZenMate VPN

  2. Restart the client 

  3. Restart the computer

  4. Log out of the Client and log in again 
    Similar to a restart of a device or a connection, a new login refreshes ZenMate and fixes minor issues.

  5. Reconnect your device.
    Disconnect your device from the internet and reconnect again. Please do this by simply disable and re-enable WiFi.

  6.  Turn off web filter, antivirus/firewall and other proxy/VPNs
    ZenMate does not work properly behind some web filters or other Proxies/VPNs. If you are using ZenMate at your workplace or school, it might be that they have a general filter. Try again while connected to another unrestricted network to test if this is the cause of your troubles.

    It also sometimes happens that Antiviruses and web filters conflict with ZenMate. Try turning your Antivirus/Firewall off. 

    If the problem is due to a conflicting security software, please contact ZenMate Support for more info and possible workarounds.

  7. Reset the client to its initial state.
    Follow the steps below.

    1. Open spotlight (Press cmd⌘ + space)
    2. Type "terminal" and press enter. This will open a terminal window. 
    3. Download this file https://macos-update.s3.amazonaws.com/reset.sh (called reset.sh)
    4. Drag and drop the file into the terminal window and press enter.

    This will reset the client into its initial state. Now restart the client and log in again. 

  8. If it still doesn't work, please contact support!
    Our support team may ask you to send a Console Log. The log can tell us exactly what is going on behind the scenes and help us resolve the issue.

    You easily find the Console Application in your /Applications/Utilities/ folder, or by searching for "Console". It should open to "All Messages", showing the log entries for everything that’s happened recently on your Mac.

    Search out ZenMate > mark all > copy-paste all of it into the contact form, together with a description of your issue. 

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