Can I use the ZenMate VPN for free?

Yes, you can use a limited version of the ZenMate VPN service for free. The Free version is limited in speed, platforms, and locations. However, your personal data is always protected, Free, Premium, or Ultimate.

Read the ZenMate Manifesto for further insights how ZenMate works to secure all our users.

With a ZenMate Premium or Ultimate account, you get access to the full ZenMate VPN service on all platforms; mobile apps, browser extensions, and desktop clients. Additionally Ultimate users get access to the feature Streaming Guarantee and support of OpenVPN. If you want to learn more, check out: "What are the differences between an Ultimate, Premium, and a free account?"

You can also try the Premium service for 7 days for free by simply verifying your ZenMate account. No payment information required. For more info, visit: "How do I verify my ZenMate account and get my free Premium trial?"

When the 7 days have passed your account will automatically go back to the Free version unless you decide to purchase a Premium or Ultimate subscription. 

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