How does the desktop VPN work?



  • michael.dickison

    I wonder why the Firefox ZenMate is powerful, with all sorts of settings, while in the desktop version, all i get is "you are secured" when clicking on the shield., a link for me to edit my account, info how many days I have left,, checkboxes for EverSecure and Autostart with Windows, 3 info of session length, upload, and downloads during this session, presented in MB/sec. And a note receiver.   Worst of all: A purchase function. Rather unnecessary here.

    Not as the Firefox version that has SMART LOCATION settings, Malware Blocking, on/off, Tracking Protection on/off, , And a much useable settings page, that should replace the Purchase page on desktop version.

  • michael.dickison

    Oh, I just saw that the SmartLocation of the Firefox ZenMate shield that is turned off (after advice from you) is really turning on and selects the correct location when I try a website that I want to be hidden on.  Great!!   That was really smart, but the desktop is still on, making downloads go slower, as it does with dual protection. So then I have to disable desktop shield when I dl films with a browser.  Well thats a smart solution in deed.  I really like this VPN tunneling system!  :D

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