The VPN is on, but I still can't access geo-restricted content/streaming pages. What can I do?

Geo-restricted sites use various data to recognise your real location. ZenMate allows you to bypass some of these methods by providing a different IP address in the corresponding country. If you have troubles accessing a certain page, there are also some additional steps you might need to take.

  1. Make sure ZenMate is active and connected to the right location
    Start with checking if your ZenMate is activated by making sure that the ZenMate icon is green and your real IP address isn't visible. You can easily check your public IP address by going to debug.zenmate.io or a similar service. If your IP location corresponds with the location you have chosen and the IP isn't your own, you know ZeMate is active and working.

    If the ZenMate icon is green, but you can still see your real IP address, please go directly to step 6.

  2. Reconnect your ZenMate
    Tur the ZenMate VPN off and then on again.

  3. Refresh the page
    This might sound like a simple step, but it is the solution to more problems than you think. 

  4. Make sure your browser and ZenMate VPN is up to date
    You can always download the latest version of ZenMate via zenmate.com/products

  5. Open the page in your browser Incognito/Private mode
    To open a new incognito/private window, click on the menu button on the top right of your browser and then on "new incognito/private window". You can also right-click on the link and select "open link in incognito/private window".

    For help how to active ZenMate in Chrome's incognito mode, please visit "Am I secured even when using the “Incognito Mode” of Google Chrome?".

    Alternatively, clear all browsing data including your browsing history, download history, cookies, and cache (see browser settings).

  6. Disable smart locations (for the ZenMate VPN extension) 
    Some sites use different URLs for geo-location. Therefore, it might happen that setting up a Smart Location for the main URL isn't enough. Try setting your location manually + reopening the page in Incognito/Private mode.  

  7. Contact support
    Please include in your message:
    • A direct link to the page you are having issues with
    • Which ZenMate location you are using to access the page
    • A screenshot of the error message (in case you are getting one) 
    • A screenshot of what you see on the ZenMate debug page when you are having this problem
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