Can I be sure that no hacker or government agency will get my data?

With ZenMate VPN active, all the data passing through your browser (extension for Chrome, Firefox  and Opera) or your device (app for iOS , Android, Windows , OSX or via OpenVPN client) is encrypted with industry grade TLS encryption standards and routed through our private servers, hiding your activity from third parties and from us as well.

We do not store or log your personal data which can be used to identify you or what you're doing online. We do not monitor your online sessions. In fact - we can’t! Strict German privacy laws regulate our company’s use of your information. As we don’t store the data in the first place, this also means that we can’t be forced into giving away personal data to any government or sell it to any 3rd parties.

For more info regarding our handling of personal data please read our Privacy Policy.

Please be aware that ZenMate can’t protect or anonymize any information that you enter into websites manually. Always be careful what information you share online, even when ZenMate is active.

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