ZenMate in restricted environments

ZenMate in China, Iran and Saudi Arabia

We do not publish our applications in certain countries because, unfortunately, we cannot guarantee that the product will work reliably. Please be aware that these issues are not caused by us, and that we are investigating ways to get around it. However, we cannot promise that it will work in the near future.

Even if you are able to download the application in these countries, we strongly recommend that you do not sign up for a paid subscription. We are not responsible for the lack of service and are not liable to provide refunds. This applies to China, Iran and Saudi Arabia. 

Other restricted regions

We are constantly working to make ZenMate accessible in all regions, but sometimes it, for example, happens that an ISP (internet service provider) restricts their users' access to the ZenMate VPN. Often we can get around it right away, but sometimes it can take some more time. For further information on ZenMate access in your region, please contact support.  

ZenMate behind local network restrictions 

Unfortunately, ZenMate does not work properly behind local proxy servers or certain web filters. If you connect to the internet from behind, for example, a company or school proxy, it is likely that you will experience connectivity or login issues.

However, since the desktop, mobile, and browser version of the ZenMate VPN are using different ports, it is possible that one of them might work where the others don't.

Please visit these articles for setup instruction: 

Getting started with ZenMate VPN for Windows and Mac OS X
Getting started with ZenMate VPN for Android and iOS
Getting started with ZenMate VPN for browsers

If you are not sure if your issues are caused by network restrictions, try using ZenMate in another unrestricted network, e.g. a home or mobile WiFi. If you're experiencing the same problems in the other network, please contact support directly for further troubleshooting.

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