I want to use site specific ZenMate settings. How does Smart Locations work?

As a Premium or Ultimate user you will get the browser extension feature Smart Locations, which acts as a 'Whitelist', allowing you to have ZenMate automatically connect to a location when you visit specified websites.

You access the Smart Locations settings by opening the ZenMate VPN extension menu and going to the 'Features' view, or by simply clicking on the 'current page' button (see picture 1*). 

Now add the address of the page and choose which location you want to use for this site. You can also choose to turn ZenMate off (see picture 2* and 3*).

Click on the "+" button, and your Smart Location is added! Turn the switch in the bottom-right corner ON to activate your settings (See pictures 4* and 5*). 

Please note that if the Smart Locations feature is turned ON, ZenMate will connect as soon as you access the pages you've added, even if you switched the Extension OFF. 

Verify your ZenMate account and try out Smart locations for 7 days for free. For more info, check out: How do I verify my ZenMate account and access the 7 days Premium trial?

1* Access Smart Locations

2* Add address

3* Choose location

4* Click on the plus to add the setting, and don't forget to turn on the feature

5* Smart Locations is active!

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