Why can I select different countries?

With ZenMate you can relocate your IP address to hide your real location and circumvent network restrictions to unblock geo-restricted sites. We are currently offering over 20 different country locations to choose from.

Some websites impose restrictions on content based upon the location of the user. By switching your location using ZenMate, you reroute your activity through our servers in this country, giving the impression that you are 'located' there. By doing this, you can unblock websites that impose pesky geo-restrictions!

Please note that some websites can use other data to recognize your real location, such as GPS data, or if you've visited the site before, by using cookies stored on your device.

All ZenMate users get access to up to 4 free locations depending on platform and real location:

- Germany 
- Romania
- Hong Kong
- United States

Upgrade to Premium or Ultimate to get additional access to: 

- Austria
- Australia 
- Belgium
- Bulgaria
- Canada
- Czech Republic
- Finland
- France
- Israel
- Italy
- Japan 
- Latvia
- Luxembourg
- Moldova
- Netherlands
- Norway
- Poland
- Russia
- Singapore
- South Africa 
- Spain
- Sweden
- Switzerland
- Ukraine
- United Kingdom
- United States West

Do you need help with changing your location? Check out the Help articles for the platform you are using: Browser Extension, Mobile Application or Desktop VPN Client.

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